Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dana's Quilt -- More Blocks

We are still working on the 25 or so blocks for Dana's quilt.  And as the blocks are circulated among the staff, more folks want to participate.  I have made 5 including my own.  We are also taking pictures of each block and everyone who contributed will write a note to Dana.  The picture of the block and the note will be put into a scrap book and given to Dana along with the quilt, so that she will know who made the blocks.  Here are a couple of the blocks that I completed for my fellow staffers based on their vision.  Hard work... It has been fun doing this for Dana.


Piece by Piece said...

Both blocks are lovely, the pink one is my favorite.
A great idea to take photos of each block and have the maker write a note.

Rhoda said...

I agree with Patricia. That is going to be a very interesting quilt!

bernie said...

I had to read back a bit, this quilt is a beautiful, heartfelt gift, I love the idea of documenting the blocks with everyone's notes. This has to be a difficult project for you, but it is wonderful. Bernie