Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Shot in the Arm...

That was what I received from spending 4 glorious days and 3 nights at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA this past weekend. My energy for my craft was waning a little because of family and work obligations. Not to mention that the extreme weather conditions just wore me out…but I think I am back.  The quilt festival was wonderful. I saw lots of friends that I do not get to see often, friends that I correspond with online and my girlfriends who are just the best. It amazes me how you can not see someone that lives within a 25 mile radius of you for months and then you travel 150 miles away and there they are. It’s funny. So, I am sending a shout out to Carrie, Wendy, Stacey, Michelle and Robin. Thanks for a wonderful weekend. And Linda, if you are reading this blog entry, it was good to finally meet you.
The quilts at this show are always something to behold. This year did not disappoint. There was a quilt to satisfy everyone’s palette, traditional, contemporary, art, insightful, inspirational, thought-provoking and controversial as well. I am continuously amazed by the level of talent that quilters possess. And every time I think that I have witnessed the best of the best, a fellow quilter achieves a higher level of genius.  The quilt that won Best of Show is below.

And what is a quilt show without vendors…too many to mention. I had been on a no-buy fabric challenge since early last December. However, the challenge ended for me this past weekend. My goal was to buy one of those over-sized ironing boards, but the vendor sold out before I could get to the booth. So….I used my ironing board money plus some for these new additions to my stash. It’s a bit much, but oh well…I’m loving every bit of it.
I am off to complete some works in progress and start on something new.


Rhoda said...

Can your husband make the ironing board? My friend's husband made hers with some OSB board and 2x2s that outline the normal ironing board. She stapled batting and fabric around it for a cover, and it is just wonderful.
I love your fabrics.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Penny, it was great meeting you at Hampton.

You got some scrumptious fabrics, I think that was a great substitute for the ironing board you didn't get! ;o) I got a piece of that African fabric on top, in the upper photo; she had some pretty pieces and it was hard to choose just two. Looks like you stopped by the booth with the Kaffe fabric too... if only we had more time, but we were reined in by the bus schedule.