Friday, August 26, 2011

Progress on the African Snowball Quilt

It has been a rough week here in the Washington, DC area.  First we had the earthquake that rocked the area on Tuesday and the many aftershocks that everyone else felt except me.  I think I was too exhausted from the first shake down to feel them.  And now...Irene is lurking off the coast.  We are expecting rain and winds up to 60 mph.  I went to the store this morning (along with everyone else and their relatives) before work and there wasn't a "D" battery on the shelf.  My area is prone to power outages so I thought I would post this update before the lights go out. 

I am making good progress on the African snowball quilt made with charm squares. I still have a few more blocks to make to complete the top.  I haven't decided on a border yet.  I think most snowball quilts look better without borders.  I will make a decision after I get all of the blocks sewn together. It looks pretty good and I can hardly wait to get it quilted.  Be safe!!!


Barb H said...

Love the quilt, and YOU be safe!

Francine said...

I love this quilt! It's a straightforward way to showcase those gorgeous prints. I went on an insane eBay buying binge for African fabrics and I have yet to figure out what to do with them, great idea!

Kyra said...

You have just beautiful quilts! Have you considered making a quilt catalog of your work? May I invite you to my blog where I'm going through the steps for self-publishing a catalog?

Best, Kyra