Monday, January 21, 2013

Serious Gadget Love…

Is it too late to still say “Happy New Year?” Oh well, too bad…I just did. I have almost completely recovered from the holidays with family and friends and I am trying to get my quilt life back on track.

But before I update you later about what I have been up to, I have a confession to make…I have a serious gadget love thing going on…all of my friends know that I am sucker for a good reliable gadget because not only do I buy them for myself, I buy for them too. It's know, you can only have so many rotary cutters (I have way too many, because I am in search of the perfect rotary cutter) and I haven’t found it yet, seam rippers, snippers, and Ginghers (all types and sizes), rulers, specialized templates, marking pencils, automatic pin dispensers, etc. If you need it, then I probably have it. To make my love affair with gadgets even sweeter, I love hand crafted items, which led me to my new indulgence. While searching Etsy shops for gifts, I came across the Psychedelic Frog Etsy shop. The shop owner, John Fawcett creates beautiful hand-turned wooden seam rippers, stilettos, writing instruments and other items from wonderful exotic woods. He also makes wooden irons for quilters. Paper-piecers will love this gadget. It feels good in the hand; the flat end of the iron is wider than most hand pressers so you don’t have to press as hard to get a good flat seam.   And of course they are also made from beautiful woods.

I purchased the large seam ripper in the Ocean Mist. It has detachable seam rippers at both ends (large and small) and comes with an attachable stiletto. It also came with a beautiful leather case. I absolutely love it!

So my motto is “You can never have too many.” Gadgets…that is!

For the new year I decided to challenge myself and sign up for a blog hop.  I joined the Dare to Dresden Blog Hop posting January 24-31.  I post my Dresden on January 30.  This is a first-time block for me.   It should be fun!

Thanks for stopping by!


Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Your gadgets look intriguing, have you tried the wooden iron yet? I do a lot of paper piecing and I'm always misplacing the skinny little thingie that I use. Love the colors in the seam ripper!

Barb H said...

Happy New Year to you too--and all your gadgets! :o)

lenasdaughter said...

Why oh why did I read this post???? I have a serious gadget hoarding affliction also, and like you, have more rotary cutters than Joann's. I *must* have that wood iron! This is all your fault!

The Geeks said...

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