Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Hiatus is over...

I am back at it!! I have been feeling a wee bit overwhelmed with all of the activity surrounding me the past few weeks.  Lots of graduations and "rising up" ceremonies, upcoming renovations at work (ugh!!),  family outings, etc., etc.  And the heat and humidity is just plain awful.   I also entered a quilt in my guild's annual show.  I am a member of  Quilters Unlimited of Northern Virginia - Burke Chapter.  Remember this one...I tried to maneuver away from that overhead light, but I couldn't get it right.  This was a first time entry for me.  I think I can do it again next year.  I already have something in the works.

We celebrated 40 years by showcasing an exhibit of red and white quilts.  They were all beautiful, but here are a couple of my favs..

I signed up for a blog hop sponsored by Madam Samm at Sew we Quilt and hosted by Debby Kratovil. 

I have been doing some sewing and will post pictures as soon as I can get them done.  Thanks to all of my followers for not dropping out on me.  Stay cool!


Piece by Piece said...

Love your quilt, looks like a winner to me.
Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.

Deanna said...

Great effort for a first entry! (or, really, ANY entry) Well done!