Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Houston Quilt Show 2017

As promised, I managed to take a few pictures at the Houston Quilt Show.  Unfortunately, I did not save the pictures right and lost quite a few of them including a picture of me with Jenny Doan, but here are a few of my favorite ones.  Thanks to my trusty scooter, I actually viewed each quilt at least once.  So much to see and I would not have been able to see everything with out the scooter.  I actually kept coming back to this one because I was in awe of the detail.

This quilt was created by Danny Amazonas.  He is becoming huge in the quilt world.  The quilt was about 6 feet across, so it was big.  The picture does not do the actual quilt justice.  Very colorful with lots of texture.

 I love everything about New York Beauty Quilts and this one was a stunner.  Don't have the quilter's information any longer, but the colors were very vibrant.  It was a stunner.

This little lady was probably my favorite.  There was a special exhibit of quilts made by Haitian woman and this is one of them.  Very bright and cheerful and colorful.  Enjoy.

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